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As soon as you start the trip from our store, you will be in front of the Harajuku station Takeshita exit which you will be the center of attention with cameras pointing at you. Wave your hand and they will wave back at you making you feel like a celebrity. Soon after you will arrive at Shibuya’s “scramble intersection” which is one of the world’s most populated intersection! You will be busy waving hands and posing in front of so many cameras just like at the start in Harajuku. Following that, you will be able to see the fashion town of Omotesando and arrive at the 54 story skyscraper "Roppongi Hills". After a photo session, the trip will continue on to the next destination. Gradually approaching will be the symbol of Tokyo, the “Tokyo Tower” which stands in beautiful red. Another and last photo session and will head to the store driving through the Roppongi intersection.
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Rental procedure: 4 Steps

Step 1: Before making a reservation

Qualifications for Driving in Japan
Please confirm that you have a valid driver's license in Japan or you can get it.
In order to drive in Japan, the following 3 points are required.

International driver's license (issued under the Geneva Convention by the Member States of the Geneva Convention)
② Driver's license (issued in the country issuing international driver's license)
③ Passport

※ If necessary, please obtain a driver's license that can be operated in Japan.
※ You can not participate if you have a disease such as heart disease that hinders driving.

Step 2: Official reservation!

· Required items (date / time of request, Length of tour participation (1 hours or 2 hours), number of people (= number of units), nationality, name (representative), gender, settlement method) Please send with WEB site reservation form, What's Up, Line etc.
· We will answer you whether We can answer your wishes.
· After confirming the reservation, we will send you a voucher. (Please bring it when you visit)
· Please agree to the terms of service , pay when paying in cash on the day, payment on the settlement page sent in the case of credit card payment.
· If you need an international driver's license, please obtain an international driver's license at each publishing office.

Step 3: On the day of participation

· Please visit us ten minutes before the appointed time.

※ International driver's license which can be operated in Japan, driver's license (issued in the country issuing international driver's license)Please bring your passport (no Japanese required) and a voucher.

· Procedure for rental buggy
· Fill out consent form for tour participation notes
· Payment (cash settlement)
· Lecture on Japanese traffic rules (about 5 minutes)
· Baggy's driving method and lecture on attention at the time of participation
· Change into a favorite costume
· Passport, prepare for driving by putting in a locker other than a driver's license.

Step 4: Depart

· The guide starts running with the start.
· Commemorative photographing with a photo spot in the middle (We will print out and hand it over.)

About tour insurance

Insurance / compensation system

Insurance / compensation is included in the basic charge of the tour.
If an accident occurs during use, compensation within the compensation amount will be given.

Physical disability: unlimited per person (including automobile liability insurance)
Physical damage amount: 1 Unlimited per accident (JPY 50,000 cost borne by customer (deductible))
Car damage: up to the actual value for each accident [Cost JPY 50,000 covered by the customer (deductible).]
Physical disability: Up to 30,000,000 yen per person

Cases not covered by insurance / compensation system

Cases not covered by insurance / compensation system
Accident while driving without driving license
Accident during driving due to alcohol
Accidents when violating the road traffic law in Japan such as signal ignorance
When not following the instruction of tour guide

Car Details

Body dimensions Length 7.1 feet/Overall width3.8 feet/Overall height 2.1 feet
Engine type 4 st horizontal type single cylinder
Displacement 49cc
Clutch type Automatic centrifugation
Shift type Forward 3rd / 1st reverse
Starting method cell
Fuel tank capacity About 7 L
Brake specification 4 wheel hydraulic disc
Tire Previous 235 / 30-14  After 235 / 30-14
wheel PCD 110 / aluminum wheel
Vehicle weight 319.67 lb
Riding capacity 1 person

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